Educational Qualification


Research Area

    Disaster Management, Gender Studies, Sustainability, Urban Planning, Rural development, Environment


  • Assistant Professor


  • Architecture and Planning

General Information


    Architecture , Gender Studies , Research Methodology , Socio-economic development , natural resources , interdisciplinary research


  • Aparna completed her doctoral research from CEPT University in Planning. She holds an M. Tech degree in Public Policy and Planning with specialization in Urban and Regional Planning from the same University. She did Architecture from the Center for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT) in the year 2003. She has worked with the Development Alternatives Group (DA) – an organization developing people-centric technologies and interventions for rural development with a focus on sustainable environment and livelihoods. There, she coordinated initiatives related to implementation and research on social housing processes – sustainable building practices, mason training programmes, habitat infrastructure, housing finance, and process documentation. She was also associated with a social enterprise for consumer research on affordable housing across Indian cities. Before coming to IAPNU, her seven years of work focused on socio-economic development research at CEPT-CRDC on works related to rural livelihoods, coastal environment, and social dynamics. Aparna received Pan Asia Risk Reduction (PARR) research fellowship from START International Inc. to visit Kyoto University for a month in 2014. She also received PARR follow-on grants for her doctoral research on Flood Risk Vulnerability in Peri-urban Areas of Surat. She had been to the Environmental Design Faculty at the University of Calgary on a students exchange programme for a semester during her graduate course.

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