Studio Projects

The teaching-leaning process in the Institute of Architecture and Planning is very much student centric and interactive. It focuses on all round development of students and aims at producing Competent professionals.

  • The Architecture Studio work associated with each semester is designed in such a way that it improvises and hones the skill of each individual with every passing year. As a part of academics, students are exposed to historic architectural creations and works of renowned Architects.
  • Faculty – Prof. Jitendra Menghani, Prof. Foram Bhavsar, Prof. Falguni, Prof. Imran   Housing Studio – ADS IV 19-20
  • Faculty – Prof. Deval Gandhi, Prof. Sneha Ramani, Prof. Sanal, Prof. Sujit   Lived spaces transcend materiality as each
  • Faculty – Prof. Dhaval Chauhan, Prof. Jitesh, Prof. Sujan, Prof. Digisha   The studio intends to study a building
  • Faculty – Prof. Jaydeep Bhagat, Prof. Shweta, Prof. Manmayee, Prof. Prachi   Design of the ‘Community Place’ at ‘Dhal
  • Faculty – Prof. Kartik Shukla, Prof Paritosh Kumar, Prof. Digisha Mehta, Prof. Mili   Space and shaping of space:
  • Faculty – Prof. Shweta Suhane, Prof Manmayee, Prof. Raghu, Prof. Yasin   This studio is aimed as an introduction

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