Nishant Kansagra, Author at Institute of Architecture and Planning
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 Nishant Kansagra

Nishant Kansagra

Educational Qualification


Research Area

    The biomaterial in Architecture, Bio Mimicry Architecture, Alloplastic and Autoplastic Architecture, Digital Fabrication with Aurdino, 3D printing, Robotics


  • Assistant Professor


  • Architecture and Planning

General Information

  • 9099040522

  • BLOCK C / 315,Institute of Architecture and Planning


    Biomaterial in Architecture , Bio Mimicry Architecture , Alloplastic and Autoplastic Architecture , Digital Fabrication with Aurdino , 3D printing , Robotics , Digital Data Mapping


  • Nishant Kansagra, has a bachelor degree in Architecture with a specialization in Building Construction Technology from Gujarat University- Ahmedabad India and Master in Architektura chmurowa [kurs rzemiosla] from Warszawa Uniwersytet Polska (Poland) and Master in Bio - Digital en Sostenibilidad y Ecología from Universitat Internacional de Catalunya Espãna (Spain).He is eager to get acquainted with different design techniques, by collaborating with architect Neil Leach from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)- and NASA USA, Karl Chu Pratt Institute Southern California etc. The contrast between teaching and work experience helped led him to a new understanding of architectural design.