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7th Foundation day

The Foundation Day Lecture on 1st September, Tuesday is from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm as per Indian Standard Time

Laurent Lescop is an architect, a doctor in sciences with habilitation and is a professor at the Nantes’ Superior School of Architecture (ENSA Nantes) and researcher at AAU – UMR|CNRS 1563. He has worked ten years as an architect and is specialized into CG graphics and immersion. He’s a trained specialist for 3D scanning, modeling, and restitution in the fields of archaeology, architecture, and scenography. His main teaching and research refer to immersion and immersive devices used for design and visualization. He teaches in Nantes, Mauritius and does lectures in Europe, Asia, Us and Canada.

Lecture :
Digital tools for architects : evolution or revolution ?
Summary : For architecture students, digital tools open up an extraordinary world of representation, design and immersing experiences. Yet they will be hearing over and over again that "they are only tools" and that intelligence is in the hand that draws. Is this totally true? Is it a generational question? We are talking about exactly the same thing in opposing digital tools to analog tools. In this lecture, we will try to unravel this question and identify the toolbox of future architects.

Dr. Kiran Shinde teaches in the Planning program at La Trobe University in Australia. He combines research training of an academic and professional practice of a planner with vast experience in different planning sectors across three countries – India, Australia, and Thailand. He is the Founder of Pune Biennale- a festival that celebrates art, design, and architecture in public spaces in Pune. He has also established Pune Biennale Foundation- a charitable organisation that develops projects of aesthetic interventions to improve public spaces. He has trained under Pritzker award winner B.V.Doshi and renowned architect A.P. Kanvinde.

In 2017, he received the coveted “Asian Townscape Award” instituted by UN-Habitat for an urban design and planning project on “Adaptive Reuse of historic Bund Garden Bridge into Arts Plaza, Pune, India”. This project also received a National Award instituted by Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) in the category of Design for Masses”. He was also involved in the preparation of the Master Plan for Pune city in India. 

He is known as a global leader in research on religious and cultural tourism. He has written extensively on topics related to urban planning, heritage, communities, tourism, etc.  Recently he completed a major international consulting project on Buddhist heritage and tourism in Asia for UNWTO. 

His academic qualifications include a Ph.D. from Monash University, Australia; M.Sc. in Urban Management from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand; Master’s in Urban Planning from CEPT University, India; and Bachelors in Architecture from Pune University, India. At all levels of tertiary education, he was awarded gold-medals for outstanding performances. 

Lecture on : Title: Cities and Cultural Production