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Student Achievements

Student Achievements

The Institute of Architecture and Planning at Nirma University, student achievements are celebrated as a testament to our commitment to excellence in education. Our students consistently demonstrate outstanding creativity, innovation, and dedication to their craft, showcasing their talents through award-winning designs, research projects, and community initiatives. From winning prestigious competitions to presenting groundbreaking ideas at international conferences and NASA. Our students continuously raise the bar for architectural excellence and make significant contributions to the field. Our Institution empowers students to thrive and excel, shaping the future of architecture and planning.


Gold Medal for Excellence in Architecture

Student Name : Jugal Bhatt | Batch 2014

Gold Medal for Excellence in Architecture by GICEA (The Gujarat Institute of Civil Engineers and Architects) on 24th of February 2018.


People’s Choice Award in a competition titled Hyperlocal

Student Name : Krutik Patel | Aalisha Iqbal | Sorathiya | Nidhi R Plludaria

The competition posed a challenge to propose a new system ‘Hyper Local’ for the commuters of
Mumbai, and express the vision of how city might appear in 2030.


Trashion and Photography competition at Nosplan

Students from Second Year BPlan participated in Trashion and Photography competition at Nosplan, held at Amity University and won second prize in both the competitions.


Appreciation Certificate

Roll No : 15BAR40
Student Name : Yash Shah

As a part of Fifth Semester, Architectural Design Studio, Yash Shah  designed the extension of Ahmedabad Management Association, the model of which received immense appreciation Certificate and so has been displayed in AMA  library.


Future City Summit

Student Name : Dheer Talreja | Tanvi Karia

Students of the IAPNU, Dheer Talreja and Tanvi Karia along with the students from the ITNU were part of the delegation representing India region at the Future City Summit held at Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Foshan.


Public Interest Litigation

Roll No : 14BAR010
Student Name : Shriraj R Gohil

  • Shriraj R Gohil, alumni of IAPNU filed a Public Interest Litigation against the State Government & Local body who were responsible for lake encroachment in the city of Bhuj for development purpose. On June 27, 2019 High Court of Gujarat gave order in the favor of Shriraj R Gohil and the lake was saved.

Outgoing International student award

Roll No : 14BAR13
Student Name : Jay patel

Jay Patel, alumni of IAPNU received Student life award for Outstanding Graduate student of the Year at New York Institute of Technology, New York for year 2019-20.

Student Name : NASA Team

The Institute of Architecture and Planning, Nirma University participated in the 62nd Zonal Annual NASA (National Association of Students of Architecture) held at Amity University, Mumbai from September 20-22 , 2019. There were representation of various colleges from Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra in this zone. Our Institute participated for the first time in ‘Reubens’ Trophy and was awarded ‘Citation’ (Winner) in that category and was judged the best college for academic excellence. The Citation was shared by SCET, Surat. Winning Reubens Trophy is very commendable in the first attempt and is a very important trophy for any institute.

The Reubens trophy provides a platform for the participating college to showcase their curricular work, which is reflection of both the nature of pedagogic of the institutes and the resultant knowledge and skills acquired by the students. It is conceived as a competition whereby the quality of the academic work produces by the students of different colleges are judged on the basis of a variety of criteria. More importantly, the resultant exhibition of works offers a diverse exposure to the delegates.


Solar Decathalon Student Design Competition

Student Name : Ojas Kothari | Mansi Chapla | Nimesh Bansal | Shanay Patel | Aryan Prajapati | Prachi Pokar | Prachi kalathia | Khushboo Palkhiwala

A student team comprising of 3rd year, 2nd year (B-Arch) and a student from Engineering Institute mentored by Prof. Jaydeep Bhagat were finalists for Solar Decathalon Student Design Competition


Water Conservation and Harvesting in Semi-Arid Region of Rajasthan

Student Name : Ms. Bhujal Varia

Research Thesis titled ‘ Water Conservation and Harvesting in Semi-Arid Region of Rajasthan: Study of Rural Areas in Jaipur District’ conducted by Ms. Bhujal Varia under the guidance of Dr. Swati Kothary won Prof. D.S. Meshram National Best Thesis Award, 2021 in the category of Undergraduate Planning Students. The national award is annually given by Institute of Town Planners, India as recognition of exceptional research being carried out in the field of Planning.


Writing Architecture Trophy

Roll No : 18BAR059
Student Name : Moomal Purohit

The students of the Institute of Architecture and Planning, Nirma University, have participated in the Writing Architecture trophy (WAT 2020-21) in the 63rd year of the Annual NASA (National Associate of Students of Architecture) Competition and were shortlisted in the top 50 among 500 architecture colleges in India. The challenge for the Writing Architecture trophy for 2020-21 was to make a case for/against the idea of architecture/design as an implementation of positive change. How can we, as creative professionals be more empathetic towards the large issues that challenge our society and how can we confront them through our work.


Indian Ocean Exchanges

Roll No : 16EXTPHDA04
Student Name : Dhaval Chauhan

Long before the first European ship entered this seascape in the late 15th century, the Indian Ocean connected the artistic traditions of the Asian, Middle Eastern, and African worlds. In recent years, a new generation of scholars has begun to work seriously on the linked domains of the Swahili coast of East Africa, the edges of the Arabian Peninsula, and the shores of South and Southeast Asia, producing fruitful research in the emerging subfield of Indian Ocean art history. Their insights not only challenge previous assumptions about art traditions at the national level but also grow the boundaries of art history more generally, by incorporating new objects, sites, and materials that have their own vibrant, multifaceted, and maritime histories. PhD Student Dhaval Chauhan from IAPNU opportune to got selected as one of the participant for this program from INDIA.

Indian Ocean Exchanges is a research, fellowship, and travel program that aims to build a robust network of international scholars and professionals who are committed to advancing Indian Ocean art history. The program will host a cohort of 15 international fellows, providing a space for connection along shared intellectual affinities. The project team, a group of international Indian Ocean art historians, will offer mentorship for the fellows’ ongoing research projects and guidance for their future professional development. This experience will also provide a promising foundation of skills and opportunities for continuing collaboration among a cohort that will contribute richly to the future of Indian Ocean art history.

This program is organized by Nancy Um, Professor of Art History and Associate Dean of Harpur College, Binghamton University and administered by the Research Foundation of the State University of New York. This program is made possible with support from the Getty Foundation through its Connecting Art Histories initiative.


Winning Citation Trophy in NASA

The National Association of Students of Architecture (NASA, India) is the most significant architectural student body in the world, with participation from other student bodies and colleges in India and across the globe.

This year after a long COVID the 64th Annual NASA Convention (ANC) was hosted by Christ University, Bangalore. The ANC is the biggest event hosted by NASA INDIA, wherein students from various colleges across the country come together to exhibit the best of their works, compete in different events and trophies, and participate in various seminars, discussions, and workshops. It is a place where students interact and learn from each other and industry professionals. Nirma University, along with two other universities in zone 2, also organized a zonal event titled Anveshan.

Our institute took part in ANDC, ETHOS, HUDCO, LOUIS KHAN TROPHY, and LAURI BAKER TROPHY. A final year student of IAPNU, Chintan Ahir, received the citation in ETHOS Trophy for the Thesis category. Our three entries got shortlisted for ANDC and LIK.


National Best Thesis Award

Roll No : 17BPL050
Student Name : Bhujal Varia

Research Thesis titled ‘ Water Conservation and Harvesting in Semi-Arid Region of Rajasthan: Study of Rural Areas in Jaipur District’ conducted by Ms. Bhujal Varia under the guidance of Dr. Swati Kothary won Prof. D.S. Meshram National Best Thesis Award, 2021 in the category of Undergraduate Planning Students. The national award is annually given by Institute of Town Planners, India as recognition of exceptional research being carried out in the field of Planning. Bhujal is invited to the 70th National Town and Country Planners Conference to be held at Bhopal during January 14 – 15, 2022 to receive the award in Valedictory Session scheduled on January 15, 2022 at 14.00 Hrs.



Roll No : 18BAR021
Student Name : Neel Naregal

We are thrilled to announce that Neel has been honored with the prestigious First Prize in the IIA Ahmedabad Centre – AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE IN GRADUATE THESIS IN ARCHITECTURE 2023. This accolade is bestowed upon students who have demonstrated outstanding excellence in Design Thesis. Neel’s remarkable achievements reflect their dedication and hard work, and we take great pride in recognizing their exceptional talent. The award ceremony took place at the IIA Ahmedabad Collective Season 3 on January 27, 2024, at 5:30 pm at SRFDCL House Riverfront, Ahmedabad. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Neel once again for this well-deserved recognition!



Roll No : 22BAR085
Student Name : SNEHIL PANDEY

Roll No : 22BAR054
Student Name : Shail Dharpale
Event Type : University Level Table Tennis