Student Achievements

The students at the Institute of Architecture and Planning participate in an array of events year around.

  • Jugal Bhatt, from the Batch of 2014, received the Gold Medal under the Head of “Excellence in Architecture – B.Arch. 3rd year” by GICEA on 24th of February 2018. The Name of the Gold Medal says, N.K. Patel – Gold Medal for B.Arch. Third year.
  • Krutik Patel, Aalisha Iqbal Sorathiya, Nidhi R Plludaria along with faculty members Prof. Parag Mistry and Prof. Reema Prajapati received people’s choice award in recognition of an outstanding competition entry in HYPERLOCAL competition held by Uni (2018).

  • Two 3rd year students, Himanshu Agrawal and Aditi Kaushik have brought pride to the institute by winning third position in the MINDRAIN COMPETITION. They were required to design a community for Artists where they make and display their works and conduct workshops.
  • Students from Second Year Planning participated in Trashion and Photography competition held at Nosplan, Amity University. They won second prize in both the events.
  • As a part of ADS-V design programme, Yash Shah had designed extension of Ahmedabad Management Association, the model of which has been displayed in AMA library.
  • Future City Summit is an avenue to gather young government leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and scholar, over deep conversations of future cities and collaboration. Students of IAPNU, Dheer Talreja and Tanvi Karia along with the students from the ITNU were a part of the delegation representing India region at the FUTURE CITY SUMMIT held at HongKong, Guangzhou and Foshan.

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