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Centre for Entrepreneurship

Centre for Entrepreneurship

The Centre for Entrepreneurship aims to create entrepreneurial spirit among the university students by developing an effective ecosystem to nurture budding entrepreneurs on the campus. The Centre works to formulate standard procedures for the identification, selection and development of potential entrepreneurs. There is also Nirma University Incubation Centre that focuses on preincubation and incubation activities. The Incubation Centre closely worked with the Centre for Entrepreneurship.

The Incubation Centre creates a much-needed innovation, preincubation and incubation ecosystem support for students, adding to the startup ecosystem of India and creating an innovation-driven culture in the university system.

Objectives of the Centre

  1. To create a culture of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit on the campus through various activities and campaigns
  2. To nurture potential ideas through proof-of-concept and business creation
  3. To train the students to use their talents to turn opportunities into reality
  4. To develop training methods for entrepreneurial success


The Centre organises various workshops, events, seminars, training sessions and interactions to increase awareness about entrepreneurship and to assist potential entrepreneurs by providing necessary resources and mentoring in all aspects of setting up and running a viable business. Some of the activities organised by the Centre are as under:

  1. Entrepreneurship awareness camp
  2. Entrepreneurship Week
  3. Alumni meet
  4. Business plan competition
  5. Startup Weekend
  6. Hult prize competition
  7. Hackathon
  8. Expert session/Guest session
  9. Workshop and Seminar
  10. Boot camp
  11. Field visit

How the students can benefit from the Centre

The Centre has set up an E-Cell to foster entrepreneurship among the students. The activities at the cell are managed and implemented by the selected student committee. At the E-Cell, the students learn different aspects of entrepreneurship. The Centre helps students nurture entrepreneurial skills, organising skills and team-building skills by conducting various entrepreneurial awareness programmes, such as workshops, seminars, interaction with successful entrepreneurs, alumni meets, business plan competitions, hackathons, etc. The Centre encourages and motivates the students to participate in various entrepreneurial activities conducted on the campus. It also guides the students to participate in events organised nationally and internationally.

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Dr Mehul R Naik
Head, Centre for Entrepreneurship
Phone: 079-71652421

Ms Rashmika Shah
Phone: 079-71652421