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I love how the IAPNU is paving way for my better future

Planning is just another word for making stratagems, it is all about understanding all the aspects of dynamic habitat and enhancing it in a much strategic manner. Being a student for bachelor of planning here at Nirma University is just more than learning and far beyond enjoying the course.

Provided by the university and faculties, students experience quality in the Institute operations. The Institute emphasises on good education, learning and development of understanding. It provides study opportunities, excellent infrastructure such as good quality of work space (studios), computer lab, GIS lab, wooden workshop, documentary lab, a courtyard for students/faculty interaction, and a lot more. The programme is planned in accordance with excellent lifelong learning. Here the intent is not only providing a degree but ensuring to use all the resources efficiently and hence students learning lead to great opportunities post education.

The subjects being taught make us understand about how the urban, rural as well as regional planning works in various places. Students are exposed to different site visits as a part of their semester academics to learn the practical process and simultaneously the supporting theory subjects enhance the learning and understanding of the practical studio work. As a part of curriculum students are even exposed to related study programmes and internships. These activities are designed in such a way that they develop the understanding of a student from micro to macro level. The course includes urbanisation and urban related problems i.e. employment, housing, neighbourhood planning, infrastructure, transportation, etc. aspects.  It also includes sector planning, special area planning, policy making and acts, environmental planning and designing, regional planning, zonal planning, cluster designs, rural developments and many more. In the academics the students present their explanatory sheets and study of site, they make proposals and supporting models as well as sketches and at the semester end jury for this work is conducted inviting external as well as internal jurors. The Institute also provides different skills other than these i.e. communication skills, visual communication/sketching, introduction to surveying, software-based learning and using them in academic process i.e., AutoCAD, ArcGIS, Photoshop, Ms Office, sketch up, 3D modelling and many more.

Other than academics the students learning is also enhanced by many festivals and vents like KALP, NOSPlan, and NASA etc. In these festivals and events students are involved in making installations, wall painting, exhibition of their academic studio work, marathon racing, quiz and table discussions, showcasing different institutions academic work, graffiti competition, treasure hunt, cultural night, cricket/football matches, different workshops such as pottery, terrible tiny tales, laser printing, wooden and concrete, Ciano printing, clay work, etc.

Author Isha Pithwa | BPlan | 2nd Year