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I pursue a special interest in Industries which act as engines of growth

I have been into teaching since 2012.This is a profession which fuels me with energy and keeps my zeal high. I enjoy every aspect of it i.e. from keeping myself updated with knowledge to interacting with students. It is just this profession which gives you opportunity to meet young hearts willing to bring a change. Though this journey of being a teacher is more associated with imparting knowledge from teachers to students, there are occasions we get to learn from the students.

I graduated as an architect and did Masters in Planning. Planning is the domain where my interest area and expertise lies. My interest area is Regional impact of Industries. My specialization in Masters is Industrial Area Planning and Management and this has so much changed the course of my inclination that I am even pursuing my Doctoral research related to this area. The research talks about the dynamics of Pithampur Automobile Industrial Cluster in Madhya Pradesh. The study follows a Spatio-temporal approach.

I have guided many students from Bachelors and Masters who had the same research interest as mine. Some of their works excelled and fetched a lot of appreciation too. This area fascinates me so much because there is a lot to learn and explore when industries come in a region.If put rightly they act as engines of growth. As India has been an agrarian country these engines of growth have brought tremendous transition.  It won’t be wrong to say that there is less research work done in India on this, with a perspective of a planner who holds holistic opinion relying on social, economic, environmental, political and ethical aspects. Most studies on Industrial Clusters are more in terms of their performance pertaining to profit and loss incurred, backward and forward linkages, and challenges in managing supply and demand chain than in terms of their economic and spatial impact on regions. There is a dire need to conduct such studies to know which clusters contribute in regional development and what spatial impact they incur. There is a lot to explore in India on Industrial Clusters through research as this country owns many kinds of big and small industrial clusters. Some clusters are Artisan based industrial cluster like Handloom Cluster of Chanderi, Handicraft Cluster of Moradabad, Handblock Printed Textiles Cluster of Jaipur. There are Traditional Manufacturing Industrial Cluster like Kanpur leather cluster and Tirupur textile cluster. Others are big manufacturing Industrial Clusters like Chennai automobile cluster. I want to nurture my interest by conducting more and more researches on such clusters as mentioned above. Learning from them can add a new dimension to the way government undertakes growth and development of Indian Industrial Clusters.

Author Prof.Pratyoosh Madhavi