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IAPNU-SCET Joint Urban Context Studio, Sem.-VII, 2019

A joint Urban Context Studio was conducted by IAPNU and SCET wherein a total of 40 students from both institutes collaborated for Architectural Design Studio in Semester-7. The studio was conducted by Ar. Vishal Shah from SCET and Ar. Jitendra Menghani and Ar. Manoj Joshi from IAPNU. In the semester long studio, students engaged in issues of designing for urban redevelopment and proposed a master plan for 3 sites around Malek Saban lake in Bapunagar, Ahmedabad and defunct mill compounds near railway station in Surat. The aim of the studio was to sensitize students to the design of urban environments and precincts responsive and integral to the larger context of the City. Through substantial work and effort
objectives of the collaborative studio were accomplished; which was, to have an insight into design approaches of both institutes, to co-create design ideas and mandates, to witness different designs emerge out of similar concerns and to make individual design contributions which are meaningful and appropriate for the urban environment and community.