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Kick-off Meeting for “URGENT PROJECT”

Urban Resilience and Adaptation for India and Mongolia:Curricula, Capacity, ICT and Stakeholder Collaboration to support Green & Blue Infrastructure and Nature- Based Solutions / URGENT Project is a collaboration between universities across countries to modifying curricula, enable Capacity Building of partner institutes and country, develop ICT based courses and Stakeholder collaboration for better outreach. There are 4 European universities, 6 Indian universities and 6 universities from Mongolia coming together as part of this project.

Due to Pandemic, the Kick off meeting of this Project was successfully conducted online on 10th March, 2021 and it saw participation from all the four Program universities from Germany, Estonia and Italy and 12 Universities from Mongolia and India. The Institute of Planning and Architecture, Nirma University is also a part of this URGENT project. This has set the momentum for the project that will continue till 2024. The Screen Shots of the kick off meeting are attached for reference.