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“My Security My Responsibility” An interactive session on Women safety organised by the IAPNU



Security of women in India is always a matter of concern. Be it a small girl child ,an adolescent girl ,a mid-aged women or an old age lady, she never feels completely secure, sometimes in the four walls of her house, outside the house or often both. A session on “My security my responsibility” was held on 6th September, 2019 by the IAPNU for all female faculty members and students. The session was commenced by Pradeep Seth, President of Gujarat Chapter of Fire and Safety Association of India and then further headed by Ms Veena Gupta, founder of Seam Group Services and a member of Fire and Security Association of India.

The session was interactive and a lot of female students and faculty members came forward sharing their experience of eve teasing or some kind of molestation. Ms Veena Gupta tried to boost the mental and physical strength and confidence of women through the program. Demonstration of self-defence techniques which can be used during incidence when a woman is attacked was also part of the program.