Undergraduate Research

The Under graduate research in Architecture is a part of final semester academic curriculum. It gives
students an opportunity to explore their area of Interest. Students are expected to understand in
depth the topic they chose by going through literature and required field visits. Their process and
progress are reviewed at various stages by the faculty members and experts in the fields. This
exercise is considered most crucial in the whole curriculum because this is what a student carries
throughout his life as an academic project manifesting his interest, capacity and skill.

The list of thesis topics are:

Roll no. Student Guided by Research Thesis title
14bar01 Aaditya Shah Prof. Utpal Sharma Study of Community Space of Urban residential area: A
case of Ahmedabad
14bar02 Aayushi Sanghvi Prof. Vibha Gajjar A Study of Outdoor Learning Environments – A case of
Primary Schools in Ahmedabad
14bar03 Aditi Pancholi Prof. Utpal Sharma Understanding perception of women on women sensitive
urban open spaces: A study of local Bazaars of
14bar04 Arya Nagarkar Prof. Utpal Sharma Transition of traditional architecture to modern
architecture in Kerala : Comparative study of layouts
of houses
14bar05 Ayushi Desai Prof. Aparna Re-interpretation of public spaces in historic city
Centres through temporary interventions : A case of
Kala Ghoda Arts District, Mumbai
14bar07 Devanshi Modi Prof. Foram Bhavsar Analyzing the ambiance of the religious streets in a
temple town through imageability: Case study of Dakor
14bar08 Dheer Talreja Prof. Jitendra Menghani Alternative construction system – case study of GRFG
14bar09 Dirgh Javia Prof. Aparna Understanding the incremental growth of the houses in
informal settlement: Case of Chamundanagar, Ahmedabad
14bar10 Gaurav Agarwal Prof. Jitendra Menghani Importance of outdoor space for Urban poor: a case of
14bar11 Harsh Ladani Prof. Jitendra Menghani Structure and light as a giver Architectural character
to the buildings of Louis Kahn : A case of IIM
14bar12 Heer Vora Prof. Vibha Gajjar Studying traditional house form of Nagar Brahmin
community in Patan
14bar13 Jay Patel Prof. Aparna Assessing the applicability of “Image of the city”
through the case of Jaipur
14bar14 Jhanavi Parikh Prof. Utpal Sharma Understanding the Architectural Response to Land- Water
interface in the context of Lake Pichola, Udaipur
14bar15 Jugal Bhatt Prof. Utpal Sharma Appreciating the Characteristics of the Indian streets
through the framework of Allan Jacobs : In case of
small towns of Rajasthan
14bar16 Keta Patel Prof. Swati Kothary Role of streetscape elements as determinants of social
interaction: A case of Jaipur City
14bar17 Ketankumar Solanki Prof. Parag Mistry Understanding intergration of construction technique
and material in design process of catalan vaulting
14bar18 Kruti Desai Prof. Utpal Sharma Understanding the application of Biophilic Design
theory through the works of Laurie Baker
14bar19 Kush Shah Prof. Jitesh Mewada Fluid architecture – analytical study of the role
played by the elements to make the building fluid
through case studies
14bar20 Kush Desai Prof. Jitesh Mewada Large span masonry structures: Study of domes and its
construction techniques
14bar21 Maharshi Jagada Prof. Ankit Kumar Vastu & Climate oriented design in residential projects
14bar22 Maitri Bhayani Prof. Supriya Pal Kitchen culture : understanding the working of cooking
space in traditional house forms across india
14bar23 Mili Prajapati Prof. Jitesh Mewada Understanding the role of Facade in manifestation of
Architectural idea(Of Institution projects in the context of Ahmedabad)
14bar24 Neel Patel
14bar25 Neel Gala Prof. Ankit Kumar Understanding inter-relationship between courtyard walls
with built environment in Centres of creative learning
across Gujarat.
14bar26 Nonie Patel Prof. Sneha Ramani Interpreting the “Place identity” through memory of a
Public Place: A Case of Ahmedabad city
14bar27 Nupur Shah Prof. Utpal Sharma Understanding public squares in india
14bar28 Parth Khatri Prof. Sujan Umaraniya The study of courtyard: A case of traditional houses of
Vadnagar, Gujarat
14bar29 Prince Luvani Prof. Sujan Umaraniya Integration of Courtyards and the function around it in
works (Institutional) of Charles Correa
14bar30 Rishit Jain Prof. Utpal Sharma Understanding the role of transitional spaces in design
14bar31 Saloni Shah Prof. Sneha Ramani Why dont women use public toilets? patterns detterminats of
usage of public toilets in public spacesof ahmedabad: case
of sabarmati riverfront
14bar33 Shriraj Gohil Prof. Parag Mistry Understanding the pattern of Incremental Approach in Lower
Income Group Housing – “A case
14bar34 Simran Shah Prof. Dhaval Chauhan Understanding the design process at IIM Bangalore
14bar36 Swara Desai Prof. Dhaval Chauhan Flexibility in spaces – by understanding the
multifunctional spaces in pol houses
14bar38 Tanvi Karia Prof. Supriya Pal Cross Cultural Influences : An enquiry into the Evolution
of Domestic built spaces and architectural elements in the
houses of Goa and Diu
14bar39 Vidisha Purohit Prof. Foram Bhavsar Understanding an architectural evolution of mausoleums of
Babi Dynasty through Geometry: A case of Junagadh
14bar40 Yasin Kabaria Prof. Parag Mistry Studing the Effectiveness of Participatory Design Approach
in the Housing. a case of Lakhudi Talawadi – Ahmedabad
& Netajinagar – Pune.

Prof. Vinay Shah
Prof. Jaydeep Bhagat

Thesis Co-ordinator, IA NU

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