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Teaching: Creator Of All Professional

“Good teaching is 1/4th preparation and 3/4th theatre. “- GAIL GODWIN

This quote times inspire and challenge me. How should I prepare myself for my lectures? So that I can make my students feel comfortable in my subject. This is challenge which fuels me with energy and keeps my zeal high. Teaching profession also gives opportunity to interact with fresh young mind. Now-a-days to engage students in class most difficult, because these young mind have full access of updated information about subjects through google BABA.

I did bachelor in Planning and did Masters in Traffic and Transport Planning. After masters, I started my career as researcher, after that I found my orientation towards teaching profession. My interest area is technology(ICT) impact on travel behavior. Strong inclination to transport planning inspire me form doctoral research. So I am pursing PhD related to travel behavior.

The research talks about how e-services are changing the way, we undertake many activities – working, shopping, learning, meeting, billing, ticketing, entertainment and many kinds of social interaction. Historically, we have associated transport activities with carrying out these functions. The E-services might relive demand for new road capacity, slow down the rate of new private vehicle ownership and increase the rate of new urban freight vehicles. E-services might help to optimize individual daily travel time budget.

Author Prof. Rahul Shukla