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The Director

The Director

Utpal Sharma

Director , Institute of Architecture And Planning 

Nirma University

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Ph. 079-71652311

Director’s Message

India, with a rapidly growing economy needs to urgently address the issues related to socio-economic development, environment management and built environment. Architecture and Planning are the fields that integrate and combine different aspects of development – both tangible and intangible, thereby facilitating creation of a better living environment.

Architecture contributes to and goes beyond merely designing functional buildings by bringing a creative genius to imagining the context, user behaviour and aesthetics. It helps in creating a vibrant environment thereby enhancing the quality of life. It encompasses different aspects of aesthetics, design, form, functionality, technology, land utilisation, energy conservation, sustainability, landscape, and conservation and user participation. The B Arch programme at the Nirma University is a five year course that focuses on providing exposure to contemporary thoughts and practice as well as indigenous and traditional techniques of building construction and design.

Planning is a versatile field bringing many disciplines together. It is the art of shaping and guiding the physical growth of human settlements. It creates built environment to meet various human needs, such as physical, social, economic, cultural, recreational and provides healthy and safe environmental conditions for all the people. In this era of rapid urbanisation, industrialisation, socio-economic inequities and environmental crises, planning has a key role to play in developing the regions, cities, towns, villages and communities. A career in the field of planning offers the students an opportunity to make real difference to the way future urban and rural areas are designed and built.

The programmes at the Institute provide an intellectual platform and opportunity for the young aspirants to learn by doing. Our team of faculty members and staff consists of highly experienced academics, professionals and researchers bringing a versatile set of knowledge and skills to the teaching pedagogy. The Institute also offers a great platform for cross learning through integration with the various other programmes of the University in Engineering, Law and Management. We welcome you at the Institute of Architecture and Planning, Nirma University (IAPNU) in order to witness a great learning environment in one of the premier institutes known nationally and internationally.
Dr Utpal Sharma

Director, Institute of Architecture and Planning


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