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Metaphysics In Architecture

“Nature And Neutrality Both Are Sides Of Architecture” (Leach, July 2014). This sentence introduces a new way of nature and numbers that want to neutral at the system’s system and productivity. When starting the learning coding, we realized all of the flow is from numbers only, nothing in a physical word and sentence, But All are encrypted data. There are 1092 Bites of Information in a solar system, and how many solar systems in a galaxy? (Prof. Karl Chu, July 2016 ) At the complete information remain inside and does not come out from the system itself want to decryption to invent the word, sentence or design etc., form the computation and algorithms, and when the summarized positive and negative value of all system in the galaxy, it should be zero as always. So number rearrangements give an algorithm.

Computation is based on the number and will implant in Bio and Digital architecture on Metaphysics. Metaphysics is also a part of genetic architecture and the Digital paradigm. DNA, RNA, and all of the genes code it self-system and decode the data itself; similarly, this type of computation works in all of nature and architecture. Metaphysics started with a basic of rules and the elaborate numbers and rules in nature, and help of that, making a digital computation paradigm of computational architecture through technology, we can implant by 3d models of realistic design modules and extract them from nature for an architecture purpose.

What Is Architecture? = Putting a Bite Together,  In Digital Form. Digital Architecture teaches about the numeric metaphysics and consciousness in architecture with a complex system through all science filed, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry how they are interconnected in numeric value. Through the design, pardi-gram with contact on natural habitat structure and involves the most profound definition. “Summit of consciousness” is a unique way of thinking very intensely, a sort of enthusiasm produced when the brain warms up? This is the only kind of “consciousness”, we know in the West. For us, consciousness is always a mental process: “I think. Therefore I am.” Such is our own particular bias; we place ourselves at the centre of the world and bestow the gift of consciousness upon all who share our way of being and perceiving things. Not so long ago, we marvelled that one could be Persian. However, to understand and discover what consciousness truly is and utilize it, we must go beyond this narrow perspective. (Satprem-Sri-Aurobindo)

Metaphysics is addressed Genetic architecture from the paradigm of genetics. It addresses architecture as computable information that gives artificial intelligence capable of self-organization, mutation, and evolution. The idea of self-growing architecture is not new, but it does not seem that far away anymore, thanks to computation and science. Architecture has entered the digital world and has become the art of putting Bits together. The L-system introduced to the architecture lends itself to processing information with rules and variables. As a variant of formal grammar, the system uses the logic of growth to generate plant models. Furthermore, this logic can be used to generate the growth of plants and be used to generate other forms, such as architectural bodies and structures.

Generative systems can be used in many different ways for architectural purposes. The system’s capacities to explore all types of possibilities are way more advanced than the traditional one used today in architecture. In the future, architects can breed their designs from given specifications or a database. Their design could be tested for all possible environmental situations, aesthetical preferences, structure possibilities, etc. To use generative systems, one has to understand architecture from another perspective than the formalistic approach. Today contemporary architecture is basically a container. Buildings can house and contain anything. In other words, the same building can shift its function in an instance, from market to cinema. Moreover, even though this flexibility is the essence of modern architecture, it is the main obstacle to its evolution. To start, one has to approach architecture from its content. This requires a totally different approach, as the content of a building cannot be shifted from one content to another. I.e., A pyramid is an example of a building that is built according to its content. The architectural program or content of a building can be compared to the metaphysics in the DNA of a biological organism. Moreover, DNA can be modified, but they cannot be replaced.

The capacity for self-organization is a characteristic that scientist has still developed and not yet available on a large scale. However, it has been used as the base study field in nano-technology. The concept of self-organization could be the most significant improvement in the architectural manufacturing and construction field. Once this technique is available, the building will be self-buildable, but for the moment, this can only be explored in cyberspace.

One needs to understand that information; to be informed, it must have an order. This order can be described as a language. When information is sent from a sender (X), the receiver (Y) booth as a system needs to understand the language. X needs to encode the message in a structure that Y can decipher to process the message. Even though it is true that the sender is the one who gives the information a structure/ it has been proving that in nature, “dissected’ information contains a structure of its own.

“Nature, Have the Simplest way to store information by mathematics and number position” (STEPHEN WOLFRAM)

When physical forces are involved in determining final forms and positions in space, the process falls under the umbrella of Morphogenesis. Architecture traditionally creates variation by means of form or choice of material. As a natural strategy architecture embraces, differentiation introduces the notion of variation of properties occurring through the material itself. Regional differentiation is discussed under the biological definition, while architectural time-based variation is discussed under Adaptability.

Engineered materials enable local differentiation by their internal structure, which can vary as the material builds up gradually. Typical examples of materials that build up as a spatial construct include textiles and composites. Textiles are formed through the three-dimensional arrangement of fibers through knitting, weaving, braiding, and felting. That Preference in parameters such as pattern, density or fiber types can occur within the resulting continuous surface. That is affecting its local properties and behavior. Similarly, in the construction of fiber composites as a laminate, through the layering up of fabrics (or fibers) in a pattern and their impregnation with resin, the material of heterogeneous property material is engineered response to the required performance of the end product.

Rapid prototyping technologies construct materials gradually by the succession of thin layers of material. Standard 3D printing with a single material is evolving towards multi-material printing with the ability to mix dynamically, grade, and vary the ratios of material properties. Differentiation of the material opens up possibilities for optimization towards required performance and efficient use of material to design and fabricate functional elements, seen in the Architecture Robotic Construction.

Mathematics is usually assumed that mathematics concerns itself with the study of arbitrarily general abstract systems. There are vast abstract systems based on simple programs that traditional mathematics has never considered. Because these systems are more straightforward in construction than most traditional systems in mathematics, it is possible with appropriate methods to investigate them. And one of the consequences of this complexity is that it leads to fundamental limitations on the idea of proof that has been central to traditional mathematics.

The design images presented emerges, and beauty in a specific rule set acting on several levels. All through a decode of a present rule, the full frame’s assemblage was manually executed on the point of metabolism of itself. However, the rules were also strictly followed, with no room for personal interpretations, since the location and type of each molecule are determined by the natural matrix created on the layer, which in turn, also feeds another spread layer the emanating numeric values for the assemblage with a strict logic that determines propagation, direction and amount of growth and amount of dead end. Each level Is in charge of specific functions and contributes assembly information to the next level based on numeric rules. Hence even though it was self-system in order to generate the final form automatically, mainly due to time constraints and the threshold of the genome in numbers, it was a matter of time to elaborate rules that, when executed, would automatically generation of a number, each of them completely different from the previous one, but still a member of the same phylum and on the same membrane.

Self-beauty with an organization on numbers. It must be noted that, although there were rules set to determine vertical growth based on cellular automata, based on a decade in the number, they create rules. And this is already in the system, just proper need of decoding; it is not an innovation; it is already part of the system that takes references from neighboring cells to determine further growth, which could have been used to determine horizontal growth as well, in the absence of external references, the decision to manually determine also when was taken as an expression of that lack of external references.

The possibility of millions of options growing through these technologies and methods is a new way of the architecture process. By going itself in the system in architecture, the approach gives more possibilities of beauty with good pylon variables design. The architecture looks like a type and is not in by the process of developing better, which is critical. As a result, these  metaphysics takes away traditional architecture, where traditional architecture ruins some suitability to build sustainability and self-sufficient architecture. However, this way is to give an entirely different path. Here is the new generation of architecture’s future most basic pylon where the future starts to grow.



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