Thrust Areas

The faculty members of Architecture and Planning have varied research interest. This is very well manifested in the research areas of the faculties presented below.

Architecture and Planning
Faculty Name Thrust Area
Aparna . Disaster Management, Gender Studies, Sustainability, Urban Planning, Rural development, Environment
Dhaval Chauhan Urban Design, History of Architecture, Landscape Urbanism
Digisha Mehta Urban and Regional Planning, Architecture and Urban Design
Foram Bhavsar Housing, Computational design, History of Architecture, spatial analytics, urban form
Jaydeep Bhagat Architecture & Design, Urban Design & Urban Housing, Landscape Urbanism
Jitendra Menghani Architecture and structure, Colonial Architecture, Sultanate Architecture, Semiotics and semantics in built environment, Architecture and design pedagogy
Jitesh Mewada Integration of Architecture & Structure in Architectural Design Process, Architectural Details
Krishna kumar Yadav Experiment of free hand drawing, printmaking , graphics, lithography
Nishant Kansagra The biomaterial in Architecture, Bio Mimicry Architecture, Alloplastic and Autoplastic Architecture, Digital Fabrication with Aurdino, 3D printing, Robotics
Parag Mistry Architecture and Design, Urban and Regional Planning, Housing Design, Urban Design, Structure in architecture
prachi patel Architecture and Design
Pratima Singh Disaster Risk Management, Geomatics, Construction Technology and Management Planning, Infrastructure Management, Urban Planning
Pratyoosh Madhavi Urban and Regional Planning, Industrial Area Planning, Socio- Economic Research
Purvi Jadav Green Building Design
Shweta Suhane Landscape architecture, Sustainability, Urban Forestry and Urban Green, Landscape Urbanism, Urban Ecology and sustainable development, Urban Governance, Bio Mimicry Architecture, Climate Change and Resilience, Urban Landscape, Green Building Design
Sneha Ramani Urban Landscape, Sustainability, Ecology
Sujan Umaraniya Prefabrication system
Supriya Gautam Pal Architectural Design Theory, Architecture and Design, Design Thinking, History of Architecture, Research on Design User Interface
Swati Kothary Environmental Mangement, Urban and Regional Planning, Urban Governance, Environmental Planning , Nature Based Solutions
Utpal Kumar Sharma Housing Design, Environmental Planning , Urban and Regional Planning
Vibha Gajjar Architecture and design pedagogy, Urban Ecology and sustainable development

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