The faculty members at the Institute are well known academicians with academic and professional experience at National and International level. In order to make academic curriculum dynamic and competitive with worldwide education system, the faculty members take part in various seminars, conferences and workshops. The IAPNU also invites practicing experts from fields to enhance the quality of education which also creates a balance in theoretical and practical knowledge of students.


Architecture, Gender Studies, Research Methodology , Socio-economic development, natural resources, interdisciplinary research


Basic Design , History of Architecture, Computational design methods, space syntax


Urban Design & Urban Housing, Urban Transformation

Master of Town & Regional Planning

History of Architecture, Studio-based iterative design processes, Furniture design and Interior Architecture, Wood & Bamboo workshop, Building construction and services, Measure drawing documentation


Architectural Graphic Skills and Representation Techniques


Biomaterial in Architecture, Bio Mimicry Architecture, Alloplastic and Autoplastic Architecture, Digital Fabrication with Aurdino, 3D printing, Robotics, Digital Data Mapping


Architecture & Design, Theory and Design

Masters in Interior Architecture and Design

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

MArch in Landscape Architecture

Masters in Landscape Architecture (1998 CEPT)

MArch (Landscape Architecture)

Landscape Urbanism, Ecology, Cultural Landscape

M.Arch - Theory & Design

Anthropological and Ethnographical Research


Environmental Management, Sustainable Development, Environmental Law, Inclusive Planning, Environmental Planning

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