• Architectural education comprises of two major components, one is providing theoretical knowledge and the other is testing the same
  • Introduction ‘There is a kind of architecture which is not formal, decorated ornamented, but which derives its aesthetic from
  • Today with the constant growth of the cities and growing urban challenges being faced by the government, one finds
  • The students of Bachelors of planning 2nd year, IAPNU attended XIX Annual NOSPlan Convention at Amity University, Gurgaon from
  • The absolute growth in number of towns and cities has been phenomenal in India over the past two decades,
  • “Good teaching is 1/4th preparation and 3/4th theatre. “- GAIL GODWIN This quote times inspire and challenge me. How
  • I have asked this to myself a countless time. Thinking back, I remember that my interest in planning was
  • Planning is just another word for making stratagems, it is all about understanding all the aspects of dynamic habitat
  • I have been into teaching since 2012.This is a profession which fuels me with energy and keeps my zeal

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